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The CryptoCheck Community

The CryptoCheck community started as an idea to create a community where people could learn, trade and constantly interact with each other, exchanging as much information as possible and as a result, benefiting from it.


Trading should be done safely and confidently. We want everyone in our community to learn and understand this.

Our community strives to continue improving in providing not just a understanding of different trading strategies but access to increasing information on the market in order to be able to act appropriately on said strategies. We want to tell you when things are bad but also when things look up.

Our community consists of private Telegram and Discord Groups where we aggregate public crypto information from sources all around the web to deliver a platform where members can discuss the live data stream in junction with having access to piles of potential years of learning material.

Our Team
Michael Ganea, idea man

"The potential behind Blockchain is enormous! Don`t get left out."

Medelinne Gheorghe, public relations

"Knowledge is power. Let us all learn."

Michael had the initial idea of building a community of crypto enthusiasts where everyone can learn from each other and where quality educational material would circulate freely.

The contact builder. Connected in the chip manufacturing sector.

Medelinne uses her personal charm to spread information about the crypto space. She wants everybody to learn with a smile on their faces.

Martin Bradley, professional trader

"Crypto is lifechanging. Invest wisely"

Razvan Tudose, experienced trader

"Experience matters! Think, then trade."

The veteran trader. Marty uses his 18 years of trading experience to help the community understand how markets react and behave as well as collaborates in building our powerful trading tools. Look out for his catchy voice in the educational materials he often posts.

The experienced trader. With over 10 years of experience, Razvan is one of those guys that has a strict trading policy and takes into account the whole macro context.

George Price.jpg
George Price, operations

“cryptocheck is about finding the brightest minds in trading and creating a community around them. cryptocheck+ is about giving them tools to assist.”

Evelyn Jansen van Vuren,
trading analyst

"Trade reactive, not predictive."

Operations and communication. With over 8 years experience in the field, George has built out two brands. Has helped grow the community and tools available to members.

Technical analyst. Evelyn's professional and calm approach helps breakdown and simplify the complex minutiae of trading the volatile crypto markets.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by email or via our Social Media channels.

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